WLP Trade Membership Benefits: Faster Clearance, Less Cost & Time

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Enabling businesses to draw the maximum possible benefits from their trading operations

Our program offers a wide variety top range of benefits

We work in partnership with our members to reimagine how goods and services move around the world, increase resilience in global supply chains and remove the barriers that prevent the free movement of trade.

The benefits include cost and time savings, and faster clearances. Member countries are part of a club of trading nations sharing expertise to smooth trade flows around the world.

The WLP encompasses all modes of transport and trading operations and benefits the entire supply chain by providing:


Simplified Airfreight Operations


Self-Guarantees on Customs Accounts


Advance Cargo Information


Deadlines Extension on Bill of Entry Amendments


Increased Threshold for Weight Discrepancy


Extra Free Storage Days


Deadline Extension for Re-export Declaration


And more

As demonstrated in fully operational hubs, traders and freight forwarders that are members of the WLP can expect to have an annual increase in trade on average of up to 5-10%

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