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Freight and Logistics Loyalty Programme

How do we work together with our Partners and Members to facilitate the smooth flow of trade across the world.

Working together to facilitate the smooth flow of trade across the world.

Boosting the global economy, The WLP is a freight and logistics loyalty programme that provides benefits to relevant participating traders, freight forwarders and businesses within the initiative. Harnessing the rich physical infrastructure and network of the WLP, Members have access to a range of different benefits in accordance with their own levels of trade and growth. There are four different tiers within the scheme: White, Silver, Gold and Platinum. It remains free for businesses to join and become a Partner or Member of the WLP.


Managing our progress

The WLP is split into three different forms of governance:

  • The Global Summit
  • The Global Steering Committee
  • The WLP Hub Boards.

The Global Summit and Global Steering Committee meet both annually and quarterly respectively, while the Hub Boards – consisting of Partners, ministries, and trade associations – represent a more regular and local means of monitoring progress and objectives of different WLP Members.

Crucially, the Hub Boards allow for the approval of new Partner benefits as well as implementing swifter responses to pressing matters. In contrast, the annual WLP Global Summit, chaired by H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, is concerned with the development and growth of the initiative on a more global scale.

The Global Steering Committee is also concerned with the WLP on a wider global scale and meets every three months to revaluate the direction and potential of the initiative.


Rewarding our Members

The idea is simple; like most loyalty programmes, traders are able to unlock a greater number of benefits and value for the more trade they perform. The one caveat, however, is that Members must be growing at a rate above the current market average. For example, Silver Tier Members must be outperforming the current market growth by a factor of 5%; a figure of 10% for Gold Members and 20% for those of WLP’s Platinum Members. Therefore, those in the Platinum tier naturally benefit from greater time and cost reductions than Silver and Gold Members.

Benefits can be both financial and non-financial, and include the fast-tracking of cargo, reducing overhead administrative costs and overcoming non-tariff trade barriers. These benefits seek to facilitate faster, smarter and smoother levels of trade across the world, through the building of relationships and for the benefit of our Partners, Members and the wider global economy.