WLP Global Summit

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WLP Global Summit

8 June 2021

Charting the way forward for the future of freight and logistics

WLP Global Summit

The inaugural WLP Global Summit is a new milestone in the freight and logistics calendar.


The Summit will bring together global leaders from business, government, and international organizations, and take stock of progress achieved to date with the WLP.

The Summit will also chart the way forward for businesses within this strategic trade initiative, before turning to key questions such as:

  • How best to deliver value for participating businesses in the WLP?
  • How best to deepen the reach of the WLP in order to maximize benefits for participating countries?
  • What opportunities does the WLP present the private sector in the current industrial context?
  • How can we expand the WLP to fulfil our vision?

Meet our Discussion Leaders

Global leaders from business, government, and international organizations will lead discussions at the WLP Global Summit.

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WLP: A global reach, engaging emerging economies and big businesses alike

The WLP is a global policy initiative designed to strengthen and grow trade between countries through the first global freight loyalty program.

The program is enabled by key logistics partners such as airports, ports, and customs which offer financial and non-financial benefits to traders and freight forwarders in reward for increasing their trade.

Unlocking these benefits allows nations and regions to gain access to new markets, diversify trade in existing products, and increase market shares in key export products in developing economies.

More than 10 countries are now part of the WLP – with global trading Mega-Hubs including Brazil, India, and South Africa, amongst others. Major multinational corporations including UPS, Pfizer, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, and LG are also engaged in the initiative.

Find out more in our World Logistics Passport Brochure.


Charting the way forward for the future of freight and logistics

In collaboration with governments and business leaders, the WLP Global Summit will chart the way forward for the future of freight and logistics.

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